Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow, Spain........

I think I fell in love with Spain a whole lot more last weekend. I went up to Santander to visit Rebecca, where she lives and works with her niƱos. I am so blessed to have her here with me in this country...there is something incredibly comforting and special about knowing she's going through the same things right along with me (even though she may be a few hours away!).

The Christmas lights put me in the mood for hot chocolate, Christmas carols, and time with loved ones. Thank goodness I only have a few more days to wait for the last one! (Satt, Wade, Emi, Casie, and Carlie all get here next week!!!)

Is it possible that there really are views like this in the world? As I looked out over the cliff down to the sea, I was literally at a loss for words.

One thing I decided: That was not my last trip to Santander. What an enchanting place!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow, Spain #2

I saw the most Spanish commercial of my life last night. Right now, at Carrefour, you can get three legs of Jamon Iberico for the price of two! Now that's a deal!