Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Play

Yes, do not be fooled. All the way over here in Spain, I got to celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, this Thanksgiving turned out to be one of the most memorable I've had yet. I dressed like an Indian, presented a "Thanksgiving spectacle" at school, and ended it with a full course roast chicken meal (whole turkeys are hard to find!).
Below: my three year old babies. They sing me the "hello" song :)
My fourth grade loves. They are smart!

Me and Esther...compaƱeras de Infantil (Nursery school co-workers)
Fourth grade boys...a LOT to handle. Top-hat boy was screaming, "I'm Abraham Lincoln!!"


katie said...

awww miller i'm so glad you had such an amazing thanksgiving!! you are the most beautiful indian!

p.s. remember when we played pictonary around thanksgiving last year: cool indians vs. pilgrim turkeys? makes me ready to celebrate with you again!

Lauren Madison said...

shut up...this is the cutest post ever, miller. those babies are just precious and i can only imagine how they become even more adorable when they speak in their spanish accents...ugh!!!! :) glad you brought some Thanksgiving goodness to your lovely kiddos!