Tuesday, November 10, 2009

salamanca, y amigos nuevos

Yesterday was another fiesta that Madrid made up, so I didn't have to go to work! Instead, I ventured two hours northeast with three new friends! I met them at my church, Mountainview, and we have since gotten to spend a good bit of time together beyond the church doors. Sunday night we had pizza night, and Monday morning we set off for Salamanca. Fun thing about this group of friends? Internationalism. Sam's British, Daniel's german, and Alex is originally from Ecuador (though she's been in Spain since she was fourteen). And, well, I'm American. We speak primarily Spanish together, with the occasional english side comment. It makes for a great time!
Salamanca was breathtaking. Being there made me incredibly thankful, yet again, that I live in this country. I hope to see more and more Spanish cities as the time goes on. Still on my list? Barcelona!


Chuval said...

awww...their cute little european shoes..

katie said...

mucho jealous!